• ICAO : LF0652 (0652)

  • Altitude : 3740ft

  • Departement : 06 (Alpes Maritimes)

  • Runways : 1, Grass

Discover the "Cipières Altisurface" in the Southern french Alps thanks to this Vario Design Project and try to land on this 380 meters mountain grass runway.


The Cipières Altisurface (LF0652) closer to reality with :

  • HD 25cm/pixel ground tiles over the entire Altisurface,

  • Ultra detailed 3D buildings with HD Photorealistic textures,

  • Volumetric grass (3D) and custom vegetation,

  • Various vehicles as well as static planes and cars,

  • Many other details adding immersion and realism to the scenery (Birds, Static characters, traffic signs ...),-

  • Night and Winter textures !

  • 100% compatible with France VFR and Orbx products (tested),

  • FPS friendly (No impact even noticed)

V1.1 changelog :


  • Added night lighting 

  • Added new vegetation files

  • Corrected the issue where the grass could appear too "sharp" on the field, (can still be seen on old screenshots)

  • Corrected a mesh issue with some users

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