Carpentras Airfield - LFNH

  • Altitude : 394 ft 

  • Latitude : 44.02803

  • Longitude : 5.08392

  • Département : 84 (Vaucluse)

Carpentras (ICAO code: LFNH) is a small airfield located in the French department of Vaucluse.

It is mainly known for its Glider and ULM activities and for its location : right next to the "Mont Ventoux" which is the highest peak in Vaucluse.

Features :

  • Ultra detailed 3D buildings with HD Photorealistic textures,

  • Various vehicles and some real club-owned gliders faithfully reproduced and textured to match the real ones,

  • Framerate Friendly, the Scenery weight has been optimized for you to get high quality textures without impacting the simulator loading time

  • Corrected altitude work

lfnh thumb.png
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