WELCOME TO Ivory Coast !

  • Altitude : 6ft

  • Country : Ivory Coast

  • Runways : 1, See VAC charts

This add-on is still in Beta version, not finished yet, If you want to be informed by mail of a new update, just create an account on the blog, and all feedback would be welcome !

To install, just past the entire contents of "ABIDJAN DIAP" file directly in the root folder of your simulator.

If you already have an earlier version of the scenery, simply delete the old "Abidjan DIAP" foler in "Addon Scenery" before reinstalling the scenery.

If you use a Landclass like Orbx or a specific Mesh on this area, you'll have some elevation issue, take care to remove the "FLATTEN.BGL" file in the scenery folder and it should work fine.

- A 50cm/p PhotoReal ground who cover the whole Abidjan city and averages (See the coverage map).

- A precisely placed Autogen for a big part of the City (Work in progress)

- A lot of custom buildings for VFR flights.

- Highly detailled Afcad (Taxiways, parking spots ...) and airport buildings (Work in progress).

- A big altitude and coastline reworkage who now fit with reality.

- Optimized to be FPS Friendly !